Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Casey Anthony Murder Trial


No book proceeds or payments have or will go to Casey Anthony, her family, or her representatives.

This book is written as a public trial - a mother-daughter project to try to make sense of a horrific tragedy, the death of a child. We also examine the legal system's actions during the trial of Casey Anthony for Caylee’s murder. We choose never to be guilty of the crime of silence.

Perhaps another child's life might be saved by the world taking a closer look at those who are charged with guarding our most precious resources, our children.

Wounded Warriors

This inspirational novella was written with soldiers, families and those looking to attempt to understand the process of a soldier returning from a war zone to civilian life. However, it has now had a much further reach with readers who have suffered different traumatic experiences.

May this book bring some insight, positive thoughts, a few smiles, and inspire through this love story. We designed the book not to be a scholarly tone, or a cure for the trauma of war, but to present thought-provoking ideas in an entertaining manner. This book is designed simply to be an additional outlet to stress.